Bean Bag Cosy Medium
Bean Bag Cosy Medium

Dimension : 2.8 Feet Diameter 3 Feet Height

Product Information

The Cosy beanbag is perfect to support a child’s body ergonomically upto the height of 5 feet. Kids love to snuggle into the comfort of their Cosy beanbag for story time or naptime, to read their favourite book or watch their favourite program on TV. Plus it’s so light and easy to carry around so they can have the best seat in the house anywhere the choose.

Why BBF beanbags are the best !

Covered in soft, high grade materials for durability.
The cover is 100% waterproof to protect against spills and stains.
Easy clean covers – remove even stubborn stains with soap and water.
Double stitch at every seam with high tensile strength for longevity.
The cover comes with a double safety locking system.

Made in CANADA.

Filled with “A” grade Styrofoam beads which keep the bag in shape.
Filled and ready-to-use. Just take it out of the bag and use it.
Our chairs are ergonomically designed to suit individual heights and provide support to the neck, back and arms.



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Bean Bag Cosy Medium       


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