Les Bains Goats Milk & Almond
Les Bains Goats Milk & Almond

The moisturizing benefits of goat milk surpass that of commercial body products because of the natural creams it contains. It has naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid, proteins, lipid, minerals and a high level of vitamins A & E that protect your skin.

Soothe and restore stressed skin by turning your bath into an at-home spa with this balancing and restorative shower gel. Formulated with organic goat milk and sweet almond oil. Rich in minerals and vitamins to further hydrate your skin for maximum protection. Our enriched formula does not contain any sulfates or parabens that are damaging to your skin and body.

GOAT MILK, nourishing + reparative
SOYA, penetrating + anti-aging
SWEET ALMOND, soothing + tonifying
SESAME, softening + regenerative




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Les Bains Goats Milk & Almond       


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