Kitchen Papers
Kitchen Papers

Every once in a while a product hits the market that makes us think "Why didn't I think of that?"

Kitchen Papers place mat pads are exactly one of those items. These sets of 50 paper place mats come in a tear off book and a myriad of themes that make them perfect for many occasions from luncheons to dinner parties to kidís birthday parties. There are many of us that dislike disposable items like this because of their environmental impact, but there are many reasons why these place mats get two thumbs up.

For one, sometimes you have larger events and don't have enough linens to have everything match. We all own a lot of different sets of place mats, but don't have more than 8 or 12 of any of them. Kitchen Papers place mats allow you to have a beautiful table without having to spend a fortune on large quantities of matching linens.

Secondly, they come in really fun patterns. From classic sea life sketches to beautiful blooms to elegant scroll patterns, there is something for everyone. But perhaps the most fun for those of us with kids are the Paper Disguises and Paper Pearls place mats which allow the kids to color their place mats (an activity to keep them sitting still at the table is always a good thing) and then punch out the paper jewelry and masks to play with after their meal. And when everyone is totally done with them, you can recycle them!

Kitchen Papers are the perfect gift for the young adult who's just setting out in their own place and doesn't have the space or money to invest in proper linens. A perfect purchase along with the "Knobstoppers" all around for you or a loved one.

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