Chandelier Lime Green
Chandelier Lime Green

You'll love this selection of affordable chandeliers for girls' rooms at fabulous prices and available locally!

Come down for a glimpse of the most unique and coolest inexpensive chandeliers for girls' rooms.

Chandeliers available in the most popular of girls' faves such as: pink, purple, turquoise, lime green, white, black and multi colour.

Come and see other cool finds for tween and teen girl's rooms or anyone's room!

Chandeliers look great in a corner with a cozy chair for a nice reading nook or a comfy bean bag chair will do nicely as a "cool" place to hang out and chat with friends.

For under $160, you'll love all the drama that these top rated 5-light chandeliers will bring to your girl's bedroom. These fixtures will cast a showcasing glow throughout.
Pure drama!

Easy and instant installation with its plug-in operation.

Chandelier price $159.95





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