Owner at Dini & Co and the Collective

A destination shop for our locals and visitors to Georgetown, Dini & Co.was named the Canadian Gift Association (CanGift) Retailer of the Year in 2015.
Nestled in the heart of downtown Georgetown, Dini & Co. was established in 2011 by Dini and has quickly become part of the community.
Over the past eight years, Dini & Co. has developed a reputation for having a personalized touch and stocking original products. The shop carries a variety of unique home décor items, fashion accessories and giftware, and expanded in order  to sell fresh flowers. Recently Dini has created a collective of local artists who all have a goal in common - to showcase and sell their art.



Visual Artist

Valerie May has been creating her entire life. A self-taught
expressionist artist, Val gains her inspiration through the natural
world and wide open spaces. After leading workshops and classes for
children, adults, and special needs for over a dozen years, she's most
at home in a setting where she can inspire others to create their own
visual stories.


Buckingham Shore

Creating art from wood scraps!
Here I am finally doing what I love,  art, wood working, interior design and all things creative. My work is all custom and handmade. Some of my pieces can now be found at Dini & Co - 56 Main St Georgetown!  I am happy to collaborate with clients to create a piece that truly makes their space sing!



Bringing Joy and Colour to Life

I source the perfect surfaces, then use Chalk Couture products to bring them to life. How you shop with me is totally up to you. You can browse my finished goods in Dini's store or pop over to my website to see my full selection. Whatever you choose, I'm here to help. My goal is to make sure you end up with a masterpiece that speaks to your soul. 

Happy Shopping



"Sole" Inspired Rugs

My passion is taking remnants, vintage, new and old textiles and refashioning them into something new and unique.

These rugs use new and leftover yarn and are inspired by things that I see and make me happy.

I hope the joy spreads to you!




By the Glass is a small local business that was established in Glen Williams in December of 2019. By the Glass products are fun, upbeat and sometimes a little sassy.. these gifts are bound to make the perfect gift for all occasions! We strive to make our process simple and easy so that you receive the ultimate custom gift.



Custom Driftwood Design &
Furniture Restoration

Heather creates unique sculptures and ornaments from driftwood she collects from the shores of her family’s cottage in Muskoka.
She also has a newly reawakened passion for furniture restoration- the older the better!
Please get in touch for more information on Heather’s driftwood designs or if you have a treasured piece of furniture you would like to breathe new life into with customized paint and/or stain.
Heather will also be featuring pieces for sale on her Instagram account.



I am a business owner, a mom, a wife, an artist, and a Chalk Paint™ Professional

Until 5 years ago I had owned several businesses with my husband, and all afforded me the opportunity to work from home.  Then I did something that I swore I would never do, I opened a retail store.  That changed me in ways I could never imagine.

In March of 2015 I opened One Amazing Find, a boutique consignment store in downtown Tarpon Springs, Florida with my sights set on the near impossible dream of becoming a stockist of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan.  In less than 3 months that desire had been fulfilled and my creative journey shot off in directions I also had never imagined.

I took part in multiple training sessions with the Annie Sloan organization, and I am proud to say with Annie Sloan herself.  I constantly developed my craft learning limitless furniture painting techniques and approaches.  I painted furniture for my store.  I painted furniture for clients.  And then I became an instructor to novices and to professional painters alike teaching fundamentals to advanced techniques, kitchen makeovers, and lots of approaches to the warmest of home decor.

I returned to my home in Ontario just in time for New Years 2020 and in a matter of days found myself missing my old store, my studio, my creative outlets.  What did I do?  I picked up a brush and got back to work in my happy place.

I offer custom furniture painting (see the Custom Finishing page for more info and pricing guidelines).  I am refinishing other furniture for sale via Facebook Marketplace, and soon through local stores as I identify ideal spots.  I am also producing unique and customizable "co-ordinate signs" like a madwoman for sale on Etsy and in local stores (see Etsy and Local for more information - I will keep that page updated as locations will expand and change).

I like to say that I am never happier than when I have a paintbrush in my hands.  Not entirely true as my family is also my happy place.  Wait!  If I were to be hanging with my husband, kids, and dogs with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other... well THAT would be my nirvana. :-)



Leather Jewellery Artist

Creations by Brocs genuine leather jewellery is hand cut using scraps from other leather crafter's or repurposed from jackets and bags that have seen better days, boots that have been kicked to the curb and belts that have bit the dust!



Teaching & sharing the coolest and easiest DIY decor!

Can you imagine to be paid to craft! I DO! I have been a crafter since early in my childhood. I used to sit at the table with my grandmother and aunt learning sewing and hoop crafting. Little did I know that those are the most precious of memories and fostered a lifetime of creativity. I enjoy painting of all types, portraits to farmhouse signs and now the love of Chalking! Lets connect and do something very relaxing and produce some great items for your home!




Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. The word is a portmanteau of the Japanese words ami, meaning "crocheted or knitted", and nuigurumi, meaning "stuffed doll".




Dianne is a Mom of 2 older boys and can now enjoy some “me time” and tap into her creative reserves.
She loves the outdoors and anything boho or beachy. She paints interiors and knits to relax.
Boho inspired knitwear for herself became knitwear for friends and beyond. Crochet choker necklaces became a fun added touch to her wardrobe. She loves working with her hands and learning new projects. You just never know what she will create next.



Inspirational Art & More

I create original mixed media collages on canvas and draw my inspiration from nature, quotes, people and places. I love to create custom pieces!



by Victoria

Knitting has been my passion & now its time to share it with you !
I remember growing up in Newfoundland & visiting my grandmother....she would be found sitting in her favorite spot , watching TV with a pair of knitting needles in her hands - she always looked so content and relaxed.I started expressing the interest in the craft at age 10. My mom than taught me how to knit...nothing too fancy , just straight and pearl.
In the past few years I've turned my hobby into something I am very excited about - 
knitting4you !
Dish cloths (super popular on the east coast),pot scrubbies and more.
With the recent turn of events I've also included Cotton Face Masks to my collection - lots of colors & patterns ; why not make 'em fun !



"Inspiring special moments is my passion, customizing them is my specialty"

LAN Inspirations started with a vision to inspire!
Growing up I loved drawing, sketching, painting, and making gifts for others. With an eye for interior design and love for home decor, my ultimate goal is to create unique gift ideas that are personalized, individually hand crafted and passionately designed by me.

I am married with three beautiful girls, currently working in the GTA area, in Ontario. I have continued to find the time to do what I love the most and hope that my collections will inspire a connection with those who see them.



Crochet Artist



Sandy Bodnar, Artist

Maison Bird is the ultimate destination for custom bird houses. Made of balsa wood, each bird house is lovingly created by Sandy.  Sandy Bodnar resides in the picturesque hamlet of Terra Cotta in hills of Caledon, from where she takes her inspiration.  Sandy has been an artist for the last 30 years working on custom home accessories.  Maison Bird is her latest creation, featuring one of a kind decorated bird houses as home decor. 



Jewellery Designer

With a specialty in handmade glass, crystal and natural materials, Mary's jewellery is both artistic and timeless.



Sewing by Mona

Sewing and creating is something I have done as long as I can remember. I got my first sewing machine when I was 14 and have been busy ever since. I remember my introduction to fur...though at the time it was just faux fur. Someone showed me a jointed bear and I wanted one too. Instead of sewing one for me, she introduced me to the craft of bear making.
I started to work with real coats. I love the process of taking someone’s fur coat and creating something new. Fur coats hold memories for many people and the process of recreating them into heirloom bears has brought me great pleasure.
I am also a seamstress and love to create garments using fur, felted wool or plain old fabric.



Potter - Credit Valley Artisans

Margaret retired from a 45 year career as a Registered Nurse in 2017 and has been an active in participating in crafts, hobbies & volunteer programs. These included 5 years of stained class learning followed by 10 plus years of Folk Art. An interest in learning and creating crafts eventually led to Credit Valley Artisans where she plunged into Pottery a little over 3 ½ years ago. She has thoroughly enjoyed the challenge & fulfillment pottery presents. Margaret is the current President of Credit Valley Artisans. For the past 3 years Margaret has participated in the Norval “Not So Empty Bowls” soup bowl fundraiser, as well as the CVA Table at the Georgetown Farmers Market. She attended the Shawl Workshop with the Weavers Guild and assists with pottery classes. In addition to crafts and hobbies Margaret was a volunteer Usher at the Rose Theatre in Brampton for 4 years and a member of the Peel Memorial Dragon Boat Racing Team for 2 years.



Breathe New Life

Always keeping our focus on quality, coupled with eye catching design. Our passion is to “Breathe New Life” into unwanted, discarded wool and wool blend sweaters by creating attractive, well constructed, functional items that will last for years.



Handmade Clay Beaded Lanyards and Keychains



Creator /Maker

Painter, collector of vintage furniture and all around makers, Sharon brings her artistic talent to the collective.



Unique farmhouse garland, key chains, wine bottle bling and ornaments all hand crafted and truly unique.



Wood Artwork and Decor

How it all began...
While working in a corporate job for 3 years and rarely experiencing a sense of purpose, I had to sit down and reflect. What did I want from life? Y.O.L.O was on repeat in my head but I felt stuck. So I decided to do something about it. I taught myself graphic design about 2 years into my corporate job, and as my designing abilities grew, so did my excitement for what I could do with this new skill. Then the fun part happened... I bought a laser printer (pew pew) and all of the sudden I was able to start bringing my designs to life.
The name of my business was inspired by my love for surfing. Surfing has always had a very special place in my heart from the very first time I paddled out. So why not build a brand that gets me just as excited? And that is how Styl N Wave was born!

I design and craft all of my products with love so it will be easy for you to love them too!

Thanks for dropping in,

Jordan – Founder of Styl N Wave



by Janice

Placed in the correct window, it is intriguing to watch how the sunshine filters through the crystals and casts dancing lights across the room.



Stained Glass

For over 35 years, Susan has been creating glass art to include window panes, wall panels, vases, lamps and countless other items. Susan is also a member of the Stained Glass Artisans Guild and the Credit Valley Artisans where she teaches her techniques and hopes to pass on her passionate love of glass to all her students.



Unique Signs

Alex's days are filled providing direct care to the elderly in a wide variety of settings as a personal support worker. Wood and paint have always been Alex's passion and provide her with the creativity to escape the day to day routines.



Author Carolina Cutruzzola

Carolina Cutruzzola is a devoted wife and mother of 3 amazing young children. Inspired by her two little Princesses, Alissia and Marina, (a.k.a. the Butterfly Princesses) Carolina decided to pursue her dream of being a children's book author, after working as a dental hygienist for nearly two decades.  Her passion for creative writing began as a child and has continued into her adult life. She has created the series “The Adventures of Posh Princess” with the intention to spark the imagination of young readers and inspire them to explore their adventurous side.  This series was also created to teach important life lessons, such as accepting others, conquering fears and self acceptance, to name a few.



Maureen M.

My passion is sourcing out previously loved furniture, usually antiques, and transforming them into completely different pieces.
I specialize in creating a vintage, distressed look with a Parisian vibe.



Handmade Cards, Bookmarks & Gift Tags

Since 2016, I have strived to provide unique, personalized greeting cards and bookmarks that are adjustable, affordable and adorable. By buying one of my cards, not only are you supporting a small business and a crafter, but you are also supporting Seniors With Skills . Ten cents from every card and bookmark that I sell will be going towards their operational costs. Running a non-profit takes a lot of resources and I want to help my community in any way that I can- especially one that helps seniors use their skills for the greater good.

Help me spread positivity and empowering small businesses by buying a card on my website today.



Sustainable, eco-friendly greeting cards and art prints.

Verdant means deeply green, and it's at the heart of our design philosophy. All of our cards, prints, and envelopes are made using 100% recycled paper, from suppliers that are FSC certified. All of our cards are printed using soy-based inks, which are sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Plus, all of our hand-drawn designs are inspired by the beautiful green planet we live on - and the critters that share it with us.



Paul Griffin - Craftsman

Paul is a craftsman of handmade solid wood cutting boards, live edge & end grain serving platters, charcuterie boards, candle holders and wine accessories.



Fibre Artist

A traditional floor loom is used to guide single threads through a magical transformation, creating pieces full of pattern, texture and colour.
Each piece is handwoven and unique.




Janice Dalziel has been making pots for 25 years and attended Sheridan College from 1999 to 2001 studying ceramics full time.  Recently she has opened a teaching studio in Acton.  Her focus is on functional pottery to be enjoyed everyday in the home.


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