Ceramic Frame with Mini Live Orchid

Ceramic Frame with Mini Live Orchid

LIVE Mini Orchids are small in size but big on buds!

Featured here is one of the most popular orchids, Phalaenopsis. Named after the Greek "phalaena" (moth) and "opsis" (looks like), Phalaenopsis is often called the "Moth Orchid" for its resemblance to a moth in flight.

Elegant and beautifully exotic, miniature Orchids are one of nature's most beloved small treasures. Delicate flowers with vivid colours and intricate detail and design; they capture our imagination and invoke the curiosity of escaping to ancient worlds and far away places.

These minis are 2.5" potted and placed into a white ceramic frame. The frame can stand on it's own or can be mounted to a wall. The size is 6.5" W x 8.5" H


Limited amount available.

Curbside pickup only for these items.


(Orchid varies from frame to frame)