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Moon Cactus "Kiss Me You Fool"

Moon Cactus "Kiss Me You Fool"

It’s hard to mistake a moon cactus! You will always recognize them by their bright pink, yellow, red or orange colors. The bright neon colors are usually in the shape of round looking ball, with thorns, and they’re sitting on top of another green colored cactus. The little moon cactus is a funny plant because it’s actually two plants in one and the product of human design.

In order for the bright section of the plant, to survive, it had to be grafted to the second plant beneath. Many people don’t realize when they see these easily recognizable little cactus plants at their local plant nurseries that they’re actually looking at two separate plants.


Growing and taking care of these unique little cacti plants is not very difficult at all. They’re extremely low maintenance plants and caring for multiple moon cactus plants at the same time is not much harder than caring for one. They can add color and life to your window seal or porch area and because they’re such low maintenance, moon cactus is an easy choice for those that don't have a "green thumb"!

  • Size and Additional Information

    The tin, or so called "Punny Can" is 3.25" x 4.25" with a 3" diameter opening. With the planted "Moon Cactus", it measures approx. 8" in height. Each plant has been carefully planted with hydrating stones in bottom along with the correct soil for the catus. A layer of natural green Reindeer Moss is added on top for decorative purposes and to prevent soil from falling out.

    This item is curside pickup only.

    Colour of Moon Cactus may vary as pictured.

    How to care for your Moon Cactus tag included.


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